Varied Workouts + Nutrition + Support = Results!

Do You Struggle With Your

Health and Fitness?

  • Are you battling to lose weight?
  • Do you lack time to go to the gym?
  • Are you struggling to stick to a fitness routine?
  • Are you unsure what you should be eating?
  • Do you have zero motivation?
  • Are you intimidated by the gym?
  • Are you confused about where to start?
  • Are you fed up with not reaching your goals?

Get ready to create new habits join us now in one of our fitness accountability

groups and get the results you desire!

Surround Yourself With Like-Minded

People That Encourage You To Do Better

What do you get from an accountability group?

  • Guided workouts (for all fitness levels)
  • Nutrition plans (simple, quick, sustainable)
  • Mindset shifts (change comes from within)
  • Accountability (ensuring you stay the course)
  • Support (from your coach and the rest of the group)
  • Growth (in your own abilities)

All you need to do is take the first step and we’ll guide and

support you the rest of the way.

You will also receive...

  • A year's subscription to Beachbody on Demand
  • 700 plus workouts to choose from
  • One month supply of Shakeology (or Beachbody performance line)
  • Delicious easy-to-cook healthy recipes
  • Access and support from a personal coach


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Accountability Success Stories

“I joined Intu Fitness after meeting Duncan on a personal development challenge. I was going through a long divorce. We had just gone into a partial lockdown. I wasn’t really expecting anything. I think my exact words were “I guess the worst thing that can happen is I get real healthy”. That was just over 6 months ago and it was the best decision I had made in a long time. Since joining I have overcome severe anxiety and developed personal habits that have increased my energy and my self confidence. One of our teammates likes to say it’s not just shakes and workouts. She’s absolutely correct. When I paid off my divorce settlement the team was there to celebrate the moment with me. When I lost my job due to COVID related cutbacks the team was there to support me. I’ve been training a semi bionic leg for almost 6 years trying to get back to activities I love. When I went wakeboarding last month for the first time in over 6 years, yeah you guessed it, the team was there to cheer me on. Just a few weeks ago my brother died in an accident and this team was closer than family. Someone from the team has reached out to me everyday since his passing. I can get workouts and supplements anywhere. This community, the Intu Fitness family, is a game changer. Losing over 35lbs, dropping a shirt size and 4 pant sizes isn’t a bad feeling either. To tell the truth I could easily write another paragraph or two about the benefits of being part of team Intu Fitness. The best way to find out how the team can benefit you is simply to take that first step. I promise you the worse thing that will happen is you’ll get really healthy and make a lot of friends that will be there when it matters most.”

-David R.

“Since joining Intu Fitness in Jan 2020, my confidence has increased dramatically, as I am now not afraid to workout, as the team was always there to help, whenever I needed the guidance, so I was able to reach my full potential. Working out daily, has given me increased energy, which in turn has helped me to manage my MS symptoms more easily & also helped me to recover faster from the MS relapses, when they occur.

Being part of team Intu Fitness has also created a fun family element to working out and a deeper sense of belonging, so I never felt I was on my own.

The workouts are easy to follow, as I initially followed the moderator option, which allowed me to grow and develop to the point I have got to now, despite my MS symptoms. I’ve loved being part of the team and community.”

-Paz Ubbi

Together we will

get the results you desire