Master Your Habits.

Transform Your Life.

Master Your Money. Master Your Health. Transform Your Life.

Do You Want To...

Have more time in the day to accomplish what needs to be done

Wake up with a more productive and positive mindset

Know how to stay motivated and be held accountable

As lifestyle entrepreneurs and mentors, we’ve helped clients and coaches achieve their goals in these areas. And once you implement these simple 2mm shifts into your daily routine, you will be well on your way to achieving amazing results in each area of your life.

Our FREE video training explains how you can change and implement new habits in different areas of your life.

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Would creating better habits help you, take care of your health, accomplish your work for the day, and create more time to spend with family and friends?

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Master Your Habits

It's time to get clear about the areas in which you struggle the most. Awareness is key.

Transform Your Life

You will gain a clearer vision for your life and business and understand how to set realistic goals, automate habits, and sustain results long term.

"I've always been pretty self motivated, but after a couple of rough years I'd lost my passion for my business and didn't have the drive to keep pushing forward, not just in business but life in general. I knew I had more to give but couldn't get myself motivated to do it. I'd always heard about having a peer group to hold you accountable but could never find one with similar goals. I saw a Facebook advert for the Transformation Game and thought it sounded like what I was looking for because I'd also become a bit podgy lol! I'm glad I decided to join as my motivation is so much more now, I've lost over 20 lbs. and I'm also close to closing a property deal that will be my biggest yet. It was through taking daily action as part of the game, putting in offers that landed the deal. I'm excited again about what the future holds." -Shaun K

About the Workbook...

  • The workbook is designed to be used alongside the video training so you can master your habits
  • It is designed to help you gain clarity on your current habits and identify ways to create new habits in three key areas
  • It will also help you focus on your Income Producing Activities (IPA's) in order to create momentum in your business and move towards the Freedom Lifestyle you dream of